What is ISO?

  • ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is an international body that works autonomously for setting and promoting industrial & commercial standards throughout the world.

  • ISO was established on 23 February 1947, with the motive to promote worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards.

  • The organization consist of representatives from diverse organizations.

  • The headquarters of ISO are in Geneva, Switzerland and the organization is functional in 164 countries.

  • Certifications provided by ISO provides credibility to your organizational standards.

How ISO Certification helps your business?

  • Implementing standards of ISO reduces loss occurring in your business.

  • ISO certifications are important when applying for government and private tenders.

  • It sets up preventive actions in your working and help in decreasing various unknown non conformities.

  • It is accepted worldwide and followed by small as well as large scale companies.

  • ISO 9001 certificate positively affects social and corporate reputation of your company and boost your trustworthiness among your customers, clients and business associates.

  • ISO Certifications helps you in gaining trust of your local as well as overseas investors by meeting international quality market value.

  • ISO certification emphasis on achieving customer satisfaction for any general product or service.

  • A certified quality management system demonstrates entity commitment to quality product and/or services and customer satisfaction.

  • ISO certification helps in build customer satisfaction & improve operational efficiency within the organization.

What is IAF?

IAF stands for International Accreditation Forum. IAF is the world most recognised association of global Accreditation bodies and that are responsible for conformity assessment in various fields of quality management systems. An ISO Certification issued by IAF member accreditation body carries more value and recognition in the world. Even though, Government authorities prefer it for fulfilling eligibility criteria of government tenders.

How to Verify Original IAF ISO?

The International Accreditation Forum has officially launched the world's exclusive global database for accredited management system certifications, providing businesses and governments the ability to digitally validate an organization’s certification(s) to determine if a certificate is valid and if the Certification Body issuing the certificate is accredited to issue certifications to that standard.

We in association with Universal Certification Services, Bhopal will provider for consulting and certification of various ISO Consultancy and Certification Services, Product Certification, Auditing Services, ISO Standards, NON ISO Standards, Training Services, PESO or CCOE Approval Consultancy, Management System Consultancy Services, Food Safety Management Service, Internal Auditor Training Service, ISO Awareness Training Service, ISO 9001 2015 Certification etc.

Our organization takes the responsibility of all the involved steps in the certification process right from identification of processes, documentation, awareness training to client's employees, implementation of system, internal auditors training and then certification by any recognized body of your choice. The services offered by us are appreciated being reliable, prompt and timely accomplished.

Our Services

ISO Consultations:

  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS

  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS

  • ISO 27001:2013 ISMS

  • Six Sigma/5s

  • ISO 45001

  • NABL (ISO 17025 and ISO 15189)

  • ISO: TS 16949

  • ISO 22000

  • NABH

  • TQM



  • ISO 50001: Energy Management System

  • School Accreditation

  • Mock audits for NAAC & NBA for educational Institutes

  • Environment/Green Audit for the Colleges going for NAAC

ISO Auditing

Streamfix has team of Internal and Lead auditors in various sector and thus provides services of conducting internal audits of organization for various standards. We believe that un-biased, transparent audits conducted by experienced qualified auditors adds value to the organization. Moreover, Streamfix also believes that outsourcing the activity of internal audit is cost effective to organization as they get better services and also the manpower of the organization can be better utilized for the technical work. Streamfix is conducting internal audits for various organizations.

Streamfix conducts following Audits

  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS

  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS

  • ISO 45001

  • NABL (ISO 17025 and ISO 15189)

  • ISO: TS 16949

  • ISO 22000

  • NABH

  • TQM



  • ISO 50001: Energy Management System

  • School Accreditation

  • Mock audits for NAAC & NBA for educational Institutes

  • Environment/Green Audit for the Colleges going for NAAC

Internal (System) Audit

The organization are functioning with system as per their established norms. However in this system their can be many lacunas, shortcomings which can be improved to make it effective. Moreover while working there will be number of errors which will take place which will not noticed and therefore no corrective action will be there on it.

Benefits of Internal Audit

  • Helps to develop an effective total quality system

  • To assess Conformance of specified requirements.

  • Improves the overall management decision-making process.

  • Assists in the optimal allocation of resources.

  • Helps avoid potential problems.

Streamfix offers its services for conducting internal audit system to explore deviation from practice and also for improvement of system.


‘Streamfix conducts inhouse and openhouse training in India and Abroad on divers topics such as Six Sigma, 5S, ISO, MSA, RCA, Lean, NABL, Measurement of Uncertainty etc. designed specifically to the needs of Organization’ The programmes are conducted by expert faculties using modern training tools, case studies, exercises etc. and are highly interactive and make learning a great experience. The trainings offered by us includes:


  • 5 S And Kaizen

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

  • Process Mapping

  • Project Management

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Estimation & Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty

  • Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM)


  • Training on Seven QC Tools

  • Design of Experiments & Taguchi

  • Introduction to Lean Engineering

  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

  • Training on Quality Cost

  • Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Understanding Statistical Process Control


  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Internal Audit

  • ISO 17025 (NABL) Awareness / Internal Auditor

  • ISO 15189 (NABL) Medical Lab Awareness / Internal Auditor / Statistical Data Analysis

  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS Internal Auditor

  • ISO 17025 NABL Internal Audit

  • ISO 45001 Internal Auditor

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Internal Auditor

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Lead Auditor

  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Lead Auditor

  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS Lead Auditor

  • ISO 45001 Lead Auditor

  • ISO 27001:2013 ISMS

  • ISO15189:2012 NABL MEDICAL LAB

  • Measurement Uncertainty

  • NABH Awareness / Internal Auditor / Statistical Data Analysis

Documents Required For ISO Certification

  • Business Registration Proof

    Certificate of Incorporation or GST certificate or MSME certificate or Trademark certificate, etc. (Any One)

  • Photograph

    Letter Head or Visiting Card (Any One).

  • Sample Copy

    Business Activity/Scope (Which is to be written on certificate).

  • Soft Copy

    Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Receipt, Bill (Any One).